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Here at Right to Bear it is our goal to provide a friendly gun buying experience to all of our customers.We are willing to help the first time, or new gun buyer with all the info needed to purchase their first gun, and at the same willing to help the experienced gun owner add to their collection. Here at Right to Bear we offer a small town, friendly environment. We are sure if you have ever tried to, or bought a gun before in a traditional gunstore you have felt that awkward feeling of being uncomfortable, as if you were being judged by the staff. Here at Right to Bear we offer a judgement free gun buying experience. We are willing to help you to navigate the gun buying experience, in any way.Right to Bear carries pistols, rifles, shotguns, and ammunition, as well assorted accessories. What California legal guns we don't have in stock, we are able to order in a matter of days. We also take in, and sell guns on consignment so come on in a check out what we have in stock, or bring in that gun you are trying to get rid of (hopefully to get a new one) and we will help you sell it.